Bizarre Mistakes in Bollywood BlockBusters that Raked in Billions

Us Indians love our movies, don’t we? We love the heroes and heroines, the drama, the songs, and every single bit of them. But sometimes, Bollywood movies can go a little crazy with their scenes. Check out some strange mistakes that we spotted in films that were loved by most.

  1. When an over had 6 balls in 1892!w1

The critically acclaimed hit Lagaan is a movie that Indians hold to their hearts. The movie, which is set in the year 1892, kind of fell behind on getting its facts right. In 1892, an over had only 4 balls, whereas in the movie it had 6!

2. How did that happen!?w2

Rohit, played by Hrithik Roshan, has been in Singapore for the past 2 years when Krrish pattered his tiny feet. All this while Preity Zinta, who plays his wife, has been in India. Maybe it’s one of Rohit’s supernatural abilities, who knows! *wink*.

3.When one can’t find the Pakistan Embassy in Bruges


PK was a movie, which saw record breaking collections. Praised for its brilliance, it is not without its flaws. In the film, Sarfaraz tells Jaggu that he works at the Pakistan embassy in Bruges, when in reality there’s no such thing! It’s actually in Brussels. Maybe she put her trust in the wrong man, after all.

4. Okay, mind=blown w5

In the movie Ra.One, Sharukh Khan plays a typical South Indian, who probably is the only Tamil Brahmin lucky enough to get a Christian funeral. Yes, you heard me! Like that’s not enough, in the next scene his wife spreads his “ashes” into a river! Now, talk about bizarre!


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