Top Ten Blogs to Follow for Content Writers

Business person working on computer

Content writers in Noida and Gurgaon and across India and the world in general, working at agencies now need to keep pace with the trends and tools produce marketable content. So, how can you as a content writer in Delhi NCR stay updated? First option would be social media platforms but there is the given hassle of combing through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Feeds. The other would be to straight away head to the source of the content, that’s the industry’s line-up of top content writing blogs!

Following the right blog is the best way to keep in pace with the latest trends and innovations. But it comes necessary to follow the right blog. To make things sweeter, here are the top ten blogs that you need to follow that will keep you in touch with the latest trends and developments with regards to content writing:

  1. CopyBlogger: It is considered to be the bible of content marketing – covers copywriting advice for bloggers and online marketers and regularly pumps out great articles.
  2. Kikolani: It covers blog marketing strategies and blogging tips for personal and professional bloggers.
  3. Neil Patel: The former KISSMetrics co-founder scribbles out useful, actionable content related to digital marketing content across the web.
  4. Buffer: Great to refer to for social media marketing,they regularly blog about writing, productivity, content marketing, company news and, of course, social media.
  5. Bloggers Ideas Blog: This blog’s aim is to guide bloggers with internet marketing strategies and SEO tactics and also provides blogging tips and ways to increase your blog traffic.
  6. Post Planner: Here, you can learn everything that has to do with Facebook marketing and the associated best practices and how to go about them.
  7. BrandBerry Marcom’s Blog: The home to the latest in the advertising industry news, BrandBerry Marcom is a compelling example of ablog that is there for a purpose. It is the ultimate reach-out for content writers in India and across the work for useful tips and trends as to the content writing and marketing business is concerned. The blogs on BrandBerry are powered by a skilled team of content writers in Noida that are adept at churning out content that has the ability to go viral. Clearly so! The company’s blog is touted as the top blog for content writers in Delhi and NCR, wanting to access the latest in the world of content writing.
  8. Quick Sprout Blog: Also written by Neil Patel, it covers many aspects of online marketing but mainly focuses on building web traffic and SEO.
  9. MarketingExperiments Blog: It was the first internet-based research lab to conduct experiments in optimizing marketing and sales processes. It provides data driven content marketing tips to viewers.
  10. Content Marketing Institute Blog: It covers all aspects of content marketing and its mission is to advance the practice of content marketing.

It is essential for content writers in India to narrow their focus and pick up certain blogs and people where they can learn from. They should also learn to use aggregating tools to stream line content from all the blogs into one single channel for ease of access.


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