Excellent Advertising Agency Blogs to Watch Out For


The main value an advertising agency holds is its ability to understand different audiences. An ad agency can apply its expertise to different sectors of business, be it healthcare or the retail industry. Understanding human behavior and consumer behavior is an advertising agency’s craft. Advertising agencies are the lifeline to introduce your brand and product in the market. There is an easy way to learn ideas and thoughts of an advertising agency and that is through their blogs. Whether it is an advertising agency in Delhi or an advertising agency in Noida, or an advertising agency in India, they all maintain their very own blogs. Ad Agencies blogs are a great source for ideas and inspiration and also to keep track of the latest happening in the marketing and advertising world. BrandBerry Marcom, an advertising and marketing agency in Noida, is one of those agencies that maintain a super cool blog (we love those pats on our back!)covering the latest trends of marketing and advertising. Their blogs feature analysis & opinion articles from company executives.However, here are many other blogs  that you can follow:

  • DDB Blog: DDB is one of the leading ad agencies whose blog covers articles on various topics related to social media strategies, branding news and everything that is related to the world of advertising.
  • MEC Blogs: MEC, a full service advertising agency with offices in several continents has a very in-depth blog.
  • DRAFTFCB: One of the largest global advertising agency, their in-house blog covers various advertising and technology related news. Their blogs also host a number of employee blogs that are worth checking out.
  • Mullen: One of the largest ad agencies in the world,their blog contains analysis and opinion articles, highlights of their work and more.
  • JWT Blog: JWT advertising agencies hosts a blog with lots of commentary and updates from industry events as well as original insights and analysis.
  • Merkele Blog: A data based marketing agency, it hosts a blog covering various news and analysis related to big data and analytics.
  • Mindshare: Another giant ad agency that focuses on catering news related to brand media strategies, consumer insights and communications planning.
  • Voice of Engagement: This blog comes from GMR marketing, one of the biggest agencies in the world.
  • Acquicty Group: If you are a marketing and IT professional, then this is the spot for you. Their blog consists of some cool info-graphics and information on new technologies.
  • The Marketing Arm Blog: The marketing arm is dubbed to be the next generation promotion agency – their blog excels in the sports and entertainment industry.
  • Emerging Experience: Their official blog called ‘Razorfish’ covers everything related to creative advertisement and news on latest technologies.
  • Hill Holiday: This ad agency based in New York covers in their blog everything related social media and their usage in the advertising industry and on recent trends.

Unlike the past, the digital age has brought out the advertising world minds and thoughts out in the open where others can pick on them. All this was possible due to blogs. Nowadays, almost all ad agencies have strong digital presence  through their blogs which have also become a great source for all learning professionals who want to become a part of advertising.


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