Visuals & Motion Graphics – Use Viral Videos to Level Up


We can do a lot with footage these days, unlike in the past – add graphics, color correct it, add effects, etc. The role of motion graphics in visuals has become crucial. Even in content marketing strategy, producing fun videos requires the content to be strong in the aspect of visuals and motion graphics. Back then, primitive technology refrained us from adding creativity to our marketing strategies. This isn’t the case right now – production houses in Delhi like BrandBerry Marcom have taken the initiative by adding graphic designers and animators to their team to tend to the clients’ every production need – from  corporate films & explainer video-relatedrequirements to animated walkthroughs and motion graphics intensive videos in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon. Take a look at the video here  to understand the true value of visuals and motion graphics in content.

You did get the point? This video content was trying to get across right? How easy was it for you? That answers the importance of visuals and motion graphics. For today’s audience, creating video comes very essential. To put it simply, videos animated or combined with interesting content, striking imagery and upbeat music greatly enhance the viewers’ understanding and retention-ability of complicated information.  Here are few of the advantages visuals and motion graphics in marketing strategy can have:

  • Motion graphic videos can demonstrate complicated ideas quickly,
  • Through motion graphics, complex data, numerous facts and figures can be made easily digestible,
  • The viewer’s awareness of the offered products and services can be heightened to 40% and increase their shareability too,
  • You can reach over a billion users and visitors each month if you have placed your video on a reliable outlet,
  • There are new tools and non-standard platforms for you to spread your video content and reach different audiences,
  • Motion graphics videos can create memorable stories and generate buzz for your brand,
  • Using more graphics for your brand and company can create an emotional bond with the customers, and,
  • The bonus function of motion graphics is that you can make the material for your new promotion stand out. It also can increase your credibility, visibility and memorability.

If motion graphics in video content are visualized and implemented well, they can play an astounding role in the look, feel and culture of a brand.Most importantly, it can lure customers in and help close sales, all based on the visual quality of your retail display. When it comes to marketing online, the most powerful way to convey your message to the audience is by using animated walkthroughs, motion graphics, corporate films and explainer videos.


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