Cost Effective Video Production Services in Delhi

More and more brands are turning to video marketing and other visual marketing techniques such as infographics. Marketers are actually doing the right thing as with video marketing people are easily engaged and end-up spending more time at your website consuming your product information. This eventually results in lower bounce rates, and better search ranking besides the brand building exercise. Here are five points that stress enough why video marketing is important:

  • Users tend to show higher engagement trends with social media. Note that videos are heavily shared on social media if they are rightly done. Social video campaigns are booming.
  • Like we said, videos compel to share, if they are good. This increases your product reach, globally.
  • Consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video review of a product.
  • People mainly turn to word-of-mouth when making a product decision. Having a video provides more earned, word-of-mouth attention.

Having gone through the aforementioned pointers, you must have absorbed the importance of having a product video. But, there’s also a fact that you cannot undermine – the cost of video production is high and for many, the right kind of finances aren’t available to carry out full scale video marketing. It’s a huge set back and may cause you to lose against your direct competitions, especially when the world is going ‘video’.

However,there’s a way around it – you can lower (and not completely negate, ofcourse) your cost of production by following these simple tips to stay in the race against your competitors:

  • Prepare Well – To stick to your budget, plan well ahead. Don’t just wing it; know the purpose of the video, the script, and the content.
  • Location – Be choosy about it, as studios and offsite locations can be too costly at times. To keep your production costs low, it’s always wise to use your own space or one that you can procure as a freebie or in small budgets.
  • Choose a Good Video Production House to Shoot Your Video– People who know their job, are creative, realistic and little or not very greedy.
  • Take Care of Coordination –Take care of simple logistics such as food and lodging. Providing catered lunch will cost you much lesser anytime.
  • Cast Your Own Talent –If you have any employee that is talented and comfortable in front of the camera, consider using them or hire amateur actors.
  • Keep your video short; the longer the video, the more you pay. The length of the video comes with no guarantee for effectiveness. It’s always great to be able to say whatever we want to in a less time.
  • Using Stock Footage –Another great way to save money is by using stock footage, to still be able to create professional effect, with no extra spends.Your production house should be able to help you here.

Want your video produced for an itsy-bitsy budget? Contact BrandBerry Marcom, a leading production house in Delhi NCR. They specialize in producing corporate, product videos, animation films and explainer videos. Brandberry Marcom is listed as one of the leading productions houses in Delhi NCR region, flaking off many competitions from the list of production houses in Noida and Gurgaon.


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