Ways to Sell New Product Concepts Using Videos

No other medium can capture our attention just how a video does. Your ideas can be brought to life; it has the merit to convince others and everybody loves to watch it. The play icon beats the read more button, hands down. There is so much you can convey with a one minute video as compared to your static marketing materials such as sell sheets. One minute is all it takes to make an impression. It acts as a lure, prompting whoever that views your video to want to know more. So how do you make a video that can generate interest and give a reason to care? This article isn’t trying to diminish the value of a sell sheet it remains as important as ever. It, however, intends on recommending a video sell sheet that is capable of demonstrating the benefit of your ideas on an emotional level. What the difference between a sell sheet and a video is that a video can grab the attention in such a way that a single copy sell sheet cannot do so. Here are few tips that you should follow when you intend on using videos to sell your new product idea:

  • Storyboard First – You will save a lot of time if you have planned ahead. Include a title page in the video at the first frame and close it with your contact information.
  • Follow the Format of Infomercials: Start your video with a problem first then solve it. Devote 15 seconds of the video to the problem and defining the pain point and then focus on the solution, that is your product. The video should consist and focus on these three key points as they are the most important aspects:

– How does it solve the aforementioned problem?

– How will it make their lives better?

– Why will consumers want to buy your product when there are other alternatives available in the market?

  • Keep It Short – Most pitch videos are short for a reason – for how long can you possibly tom-tom an idea or product without boring the audience?
  • Experiment –Give your audience something different to take notice, enjoy and remember.

If you believe in your product and think that it is going to take you ahead, it doesn’t hurt to invest into a great video rolled out by production house professionals. In fact, a minute long sell sheet video would only work as your perfect sales pitch. BrandBerry Marcom, a production house in Delhi, have the capability to deliver an effective and attractive videos without straining your budget.


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