Ingredients that Make Great Content

Writing great content is the way to move forward for a business. It’s important that you put in your time to create great content as it helps you to build a prosperous brand. Creatively written content on your website’s blog can also help boost your SEO rankings, gain traffic and leads. Search engines like Google prefer original content and they reward high quality websites and likewise penalize sites that have duplicate contents.

Creating original and great content is similar to how a chef prepares his dishes by using different ingredients. So, like a chef preparing a meal, a content writer is required to not miss on certain ingredients that are absolutely vital in creating great content. Here are some ingredients we are think are important if a content is to qualify as “great content”:

  • Original Content –The obvious one in the mixture – do not rehash the same concepts over and over again. Your ideas needs to be original or else it will defeat the purpose of writing content and no one will link to it.
  • Focus on Creating Strong Headlines –The headline is as important as the rest of your article as it sparks interest and invites readers in. Taking stats into account, 80% of people will read your headlines and only 20% of those will actually read your article. Take time to write your headlines as they are the basis people use to decide if they want to read your article or not.
  • Create Actionable Content –While writing your article, make sure that it gives the reader a sense of how to apply the information without degrading the readers. Provide them with assurance that they know best how to use the material.
  • Provide Answers – What people want while browsing search engines is answers and they want it fast, so that they can gain knowledge. Make your content easy to scan through for people to pick out the important information quickly.
  • Be Accurate –Blog is the reflection of your company. Posting in accurate information will severely damage your brand’s image. Make sure that the statistics you curate from the web are accurate and verifiable by users. Add a link to the stat and the source on your article. It will help you earn more trust from your audience.
  • Engaging and Thought Provoking Content –Readers will skip a breath to read through engaging and though provoking content. Plus, they are definite to come back for more. Try and leave your readers with questions, make your introduction of the article read important and promising by using anecdotes or stories. It will help clarify the point you are trying to make.
  • Image and Videos – Adding images and videos to your article will enhance the reading experience of your readers. It will also help reinforce what your article is trying to teach.
  • Short and To-the-Point – Want to compose a better article? Try and eliminate all the fluff. Don’t focus on the word count as there is nothing better than a short, to-the-point blog post or an article.
  • Update Regularly –You should maintain and update your blog or content site regularly as sites that are regularly update receive a stronger influx of visitors.

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