Importance of Whitespace in Website Design

If you don’t know what whitespace means in a website, allow us to take you through it briefly. Whitespace is the space that is left between graphics, texts, columns, margins and the other components that contributes to the design of the website and its breathability. White space is used intentionally to better the readability of the website. Also, you should understand that white space doesn’t necessarily mean that the space should be white. Speaking technically, white space is referred to the empty space and it can be of any color and it does not consist of any design elements.

White space is necessary as it allows the user to organize the different elements of design in a clean manner. Most of all, the importance of white space is to improve the readability and usability of the website design, as viewing and following through the information presented in the website has to be easy and relaxing for the end user. Also, designers should note that these white spaces can be active and passive. Know that if the white space is used to lead a user from one element to the other, it is known as active space and passive space is the unconsidered space between elements. A passive space is used in a website to create breathing room for the eyes. Designers should manipulate both the types of white spaces to elegantly design a website that can be gone through with ease.

The use of white space will differ accordingly to suit different types of website and as per the context of the website design.E.g.: an e-commerce website will have different lay out compared to a photography or a blogging website which is more text-oriented. A lot depends on the content of the website when it comes to using white spaces. Whatever may be the case, with usage of whitespaces in different websites, it’s only clear that white space is important for smooth navigation of users visiting the website.

White spaces have a superb ability to guide the eyes of the website visitor, break continuity and catch attention. So while using white spaces,consider its consistency and balance.

White space should be used after having a sound understanding of what content is to be shown, how much and why it should be shown. Therefore, it will only be a wise move if you finalize the content that is supposed to go on the website before finalizing the design. Or, one can turn to a professional agency like BrandBerry Marcom, a leading website development company based in Delhi NCR. Agency as such have professionals who have years of experience in developing and designing websites.


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