Picking Out the perfect Template for Your Website

How we interact online has changed and is changing constantly for many number of reasons. People now are going online to access more and more information. Also, the competition in the market has changed and a company is now no longer bound to its target market; they can go global and approach new audiences as much as they want. Even if you own a small business, by going online, that same business will have many possibilities opened for itself. Therefore, it is important that companies, whether big or small, should give emphasis to their website. The website has to be improved and updated regularly while also improving on other aspects such as its responsiveness and design. Studies show that a highly technical website generates a large amount of web traffic, and a good website increases the conversion rate. So going by this theory,website design is a fundamental factor and it needs to be taken under consideration and researched thoroughly. It also needs expert professionals’ touch from website development company such as BrandBerry Marcom. So when you approach the design of the website,it’s important that you know that it’s a complicated subject. There are two ways you can approach a website design – one is by custom designing your website and the other is by opting for a readymade design template. A website design template is a pre-designed customizable webpage. If you opt for choosing a website template, all the designer is required to do is to insert content and design the website without needing to create webpages from the scratch.  However, before choosing a design template for a website, there’s a lot to consider as mentioned below:

Business Context – Every website has its own properties such as an ecommerce website will have its own as it emphasizes more on products while corporate website represent more of trust and power. Accordingly, a social website features networking while a kid’s website features fun and happiness. So when you choose a template, make sure that it matches your business.

Layout – The template should be chosen as per requirement and one that requires very little change. It should map accordingly with information display sequence. Base your preference not on your personal taste but on the preference of future users.

Flexibility – When choosing a website template, make sure that it is customizable as it allows to add extensions in future, if need be.

Credibility –The template should be supported by a credible seller and customer support should be ensured. This can often be verified by visiting user comments and understanding the promptness of bug fixes and customer support the theme seller offers.

Usability – Ensure that the usability of the website is not marginalized by the template you have selected. It should have all the professional aesthetics. Also, it should be easily navigable and should display consistency across all browsers.


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