Animation and Motion Graphics – Breathing Life into Your Marketing

Long before animations became part of feature films, it was being used as a vehicle for advertising. As animation technology started making major strides, its part in commercials expanded. Today, it has become one of the most versatile and cost effective communication means and a fan-favorite among marketers. Major brands like Coca Cola have utilized animations to promote themselves. Some of the most iconic characters in advertising have come from animation for eg. Kelloggs’ Tony the Tiger or the Amul Girl.  Animation is an ageless and full-of-life-form of storytelling that cannot be delivered through any other medium. All in all,it’sa unique and an engaging way to propel a brand.

Here are some of the reasons that state why animation and motion graphics are favorites amongst marketers and why should you consider investing in them:

Cost-effective – It may take some time to produce an animation film, but what makes up for is the cost. Animation can save you loads of money when it is used as a replacement for difficult location shooting or costly cast, crew and equipment.

Limitless – What you will really come to love about animation is that anything is possible. There will be no boundaries to bar your imagination. With animation, you can transform your ideas into reality even before the product is ready.

Ageless – Your character will never get old.

Engaging – Using animation creates a greater impact amongst your audience while grabbing their attention. Also, animation makes it easier for clients like banks, and insurance and real estate companies to come across as warmer and friendlier.

Quicker Communication – Animation allows for complex ideas to be transformed into quicker and consumable bites. Your boring stats can be turned interesting with motion graphics.

Memorable – Compared to other forms for content, animation is much more memorable and has higher recall for most target audience.

Gives Life – It brings objects and ideas to life whilst emotionally connecting to the audience.

Speaks for You – Animation can do the talking for your brand even if you don’t want to put a face to it.

Enhances Style –If your product looks dull in front of the camera, with a little bit of motion graphics and animation, you can revamp it with a fresh look.

Boosts Sharing – Everything today is about getting more shares. Animation being a unique form of communication can bring you those shares, if the content is engaging. It can also improve your search engine ranking when your audience spends increased time on your website watching your content.

These points speak out for animation and motion graphics but before you get started, keep in mind that the most important ingredient of all is a good idea and a compelling story to tell. You will render animation useless if the ideation behind it is not good. It’s important that your creative team understands this, and if not, you can always employ a creative production house to do it for you.BrandBerry Marcom, one of the top production house in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon is known for churning out some super animation films, corporate films and explainer videos and can help you create your dream content in motion.


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