13 Great Ideas for Your Next Corporate Video

Corporate video can be defined as audiovisual digital corporate material like HD videos, explainer videos and product videos developed specifically for marketing purposes by businesses.

Corporate videos have often been provided poor reputation and correctly so. Frequently,they’re filled with boredom and lack of information.The main reason why lots of corporate videos are poor is because the makers don’t recognize they have several available options to turn exciting.

In an attempt to raise the bar, we’re recommending the following creative ideas for your next corporate video.

1: “Funny Work Story” Video:

Nobody always experiences the same incident the same way. Select a number of staff to tell the story about the funniest incident that happened in the organization. Perhaps, it can be a consumer story.

2: “Why Do You Love Your Work” Video:

Perform a one-on-one discussion with the staff talking about why do they love their work. Aim to get them to chat about the essential things of their profession and the work they do. Why are you so confident with the post and the product you are working to deliver? What makes the product so incredible?

3: “A Day of Your Work” Video:

Select your most motivating and photogenic employees and shoot”a day of their work” video. Let them describe their whole day and track them everywhere they go. Be precise about what you’re working on and the challenges you’re trying to accomplish. Begin with home and finish with home.

4: “Employee of the Month” Video:

Whenever an employee wins an “employee of the month” award, ask them about what are the things they did to win this award. Also meet with others to know ‘why do they think that employee earned this award’. This has better impact than just exhibiting a sequence of awards on a ledge.

5: “Tell Me All About Your Work” Video:

When someone has been at their post for at least three months, perform a one-on-one discussion with them talking about all the facets of their work. Tell them to be as practical as possible while speaking about the excellent and awful aspects of their work.

6: “The Business Story” Video:

Every business has a story. Ask everyone to tell the business story in their own personalized words. You’ll witness how well everyone in your business truly knows the business story. Or you might find out a business story you haven’t heard yet.

7:“How It’s Done” Video:

Make a bit-by-bit video explaining how you build your product. Feel free to leave out any secret technique that you do not wish your competitor would know.

8: “Consumer Demonstrating Product” Video:

Let a consumer give a demonstration of how they utilize your product in their daily life. That’s what you call truly personalized!

9: “How To Do” Video that Connects with Your Product:

These are not “how to do” videos concerning your product, but a “how to do” video that will connect to someone involved with your product space. If you could just utilize your product in a video showing “how to do ‘this thing’ easily with your product”.

10: “Ups and Downs” Video:

Let your employees tell a story of their biggest failure and greatest success and what do they learn from both.

11: “Favorite Consumer” Video:

Urge your employees to tell their stories about their favorite consumers.

12: “What’s Our Secret Technique?” Video:

Consumers attempt to explain what your business’s secret technique is. The point of which is to let them presume as what it is, or rather chat about why they prefer you over the opposition.

13: “Experience” Video:

Although your product isn’t great, ask them to try it and your opponent’s product at the same time, just to acquire their feedback and get some comparative excitement rolling.

If you’re a business looking for some crazy corporate videos to get talking about your product/ service, there are a host of production houses in Delhi to help you arrive at the perfect corporate films to deliver your brand story. BrandBerry Marcom, a production house in Delhi is worth the mention – their team of production specialists, including editors and cameramen are professionals at capturing brand stories and creating them into corporate films with a lot of traction.


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