Agency Insider: Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year for everyone. And if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur, then the holidays are a special time to make the most of sales.
Now, like never before, businesses and merchants have the leverage to connect directly with their consumers and develop a more personalized shopping experience.One way to do this is through social media marketing. The holiday season is packed with social posts about deals, and free gifts. Keep in mind that the social relationships you develop during holidays could be promoted throughout the year.
Like other things, social media marketing could feel tenser around the holidays. Though, it doesn’t have to be. There’s no requirement to make any radical changes to what you’ve already done, just a few twists here and there.
Here are some useful social media marketing tips, straight from a digital marketing agency insider for success in the holidays:
Select a Cool Holiday Theme
Every business would be gearing up their social media profiles, so how are you aim to conveying an exceptional experience? Select a theme! Whether it’s a value theme or a color theme- consumers are possibly to share more social media information throughout the last several months of the year. Capture holiday themed videos, photos and don’t forget to show your holiday optimism.
A Social Media Competition
It is no mystery that people like to win free products or services online. Organizing a competition during the holiday season provides your business a greater chance for publicity, and creates further excitement. Offer rewards such as huge discounts on your goods or services and even a goody bag packed with awesome products. Encourage people to like and comment on posts, re-post images and tag their friends to boost the number of people you can reach. You might also want to offer a “Daily Reward” that will make consumers to revisit to your social media profiles every day.
Regulate Your Posting Schedule
If you have a post update set to go out at 6pm every day, maybe ignore it on special days like the Christmas Eve. When people are highly focused on social media platforms for their family updates, a branding offer post sends the negative message.

Engage Existing Consumers
Merchants frequently use the holiday season to draw new consumers, but don’t forget about your trust base. Featuring consumer stories on social media or offering existing-consumer-only promotions or previews will make your existing consumers feel wonderful.
Beware About Exploiting the Holiday Season
Everybody knows that businesses use social media posts to advertise, but there’s a slim line between exploiting the holiday season for gain and getting into the holiday spirit. People get reactive about their traditions, so before posting anything always take your time to reconsider how your target consumers might react.
Encourage “Personal Gifting”
Let’s face it -many of us buy gifts for ourselves when we’re outshopping for the holiday season. Use social media platforms to remind consumers to delight themselves during this stressful and busy time and make them feel less accountable about it. Post pictures of fancy buys or stress-relieving products to boost purchases. You can also offer impressive deals and encourage consumers to come in with their friends.
Promote Sharing
You can’t actually ask consumers to share pictures of their purchases, can you? After all, that would ruin the surprise for beneficiaries. However, you can remind consumers to check in to your online store on social media while they’re shopping. By sharing information on their news feed of where they are, they could draw their family and friends to check your online store out, too. Offering some kind of discount or a fancy goody bag, for checking in can significantly help promote participation.
Utilize these social media marketing agency insider tips for amplified social media marketing results the coming holiday season. Happy holidaying!


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