How Does an Advertising Agency Work?

Advertising agencies in India or anywhere around the world have vastly become a part of our lives, considering the fact that we’re chased by advertising every day and on each virtual channel that we perceive —TV, Internet, Websites, Social Media, etc.

If you work in an advertising agency in India or anywhere else, it might look like a ridiculous question – “how does an ad agency work?” But, to someone outside of the advertising industry, it could be a huge mystery.

Here is a glance at how a typical ad agency in Delhi actually works:

Conventionally, most advertising agencies have 4key functions —

  1. Client Service

The client servicing division in advertising agencies does much of the communication with the clients. Higher-ranking client servicing individuals serve as marketing advisors to the clients. They sit down in policy meetings and take decisions as to how the advertising agency‘s existing accounts can be taken further. It is also their responsibility to act as a bridge between the creative department and the clients, in the sense that they interpret the advertising goals into a brief that informs the creative department about the required outcome, and so on. But in short, the client servicing staff from agrees to develop specific work for a specific figure of money and the client agrees to compensate the advertising agency upon delivery of the work. That’s as simple as it gets.

  1. Media Designing and Buying

The media designing and buying function has withstood a deep change in the previous decade. Fundamentally, it is the media designing and buying department’s responsibility to evaluate the different available options and choose where the advertising campaign is to be deployed.

In current times, media designing and buying has become a self-governing function and is completed by relatively a few big, focused organizations. Some businesses have arranged their own media designing and buying units to make sure that they obtain the best deals.

  1. Creative Department

The creative department is the one that actually drives an advertising agency in Delhi NCR in specific and the world in general — they are the group of people who imagine the creative (and at times not-so-creative) ads that we end up watching. These people are really good at imagining extraordinary and fascinating ways of propositioning a product to its target consumers. This involves imagining of the visuals, words, selection of models, music and making the choices on whether to include humor or not.

  1. Account Management

Account management is a comparatively more modern function in an advertising agency. The task here is to effectively think for the client, and largely develop a brand strategy. The skills required for account management involves an understanding of marketing research practices and consumer conduct.


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