Branding Advice: Logo Designing Tips for Startups

The major challenge in modern logo designing is dimension: It must appear accurately online as well as offline across a broad range of display sizes.

As human beings, we can have sentiments triggered by things, but do you know that brand logos have the ultimate power to bond consumers on a powerful and deep level?

We connect ourselves to the products we adore and recognize with the visual design they project. Today, we are flooded with brands wherever we go, but ignore the ones we don’t bond with and emotionally domesticate the ones we do.

Wonderful logo designing is all part of a business’s branding policy, and is used to lead their target audience to a needed action. But it’s frequently that we discontinue to think about the modest starting of things we relate with each day, such as logo design. So, where did it all start?

In the Beginning…

Ever since human beings walked the Earth, we’ve been connecting through art. All we’ve to do is gaze at cave drawings from 50,000 years ago to perceive complex significances of hunter-collector life made recognizable through art.

In ancient Greece, we can start to view the foundations of logo design as we know it. Coins were designed by rulers as a way of knowing social rank.

With time, come advancements, and by the 19th century businesses were utilizing printing plates to generate art. This lead to a big influx in printing and exclusive fonts were utilized to portray brands.

The First Logo

The first logo ever branded was in 1876 for Bass Brewery. It was a red colored triangle with the “Bass” text below, also in red.  The font was a brushing cursive text that resonates that of the renowned Coca-Cola logo of nowadays. Though just a happenstance, it appears odd that the first ever logo is similar to the one of nowadays most victorious brands.

The first ideas on color psychology surfaced at the same time as logos instigated and red was expressed by the author Johann Wolf gang von Goethe of “Theory of Colors” as this:

“It transmits an intuition of dignity and gravity and at the same time of attractiveness and grace.”

Modern Logo Design Drift

Nowadays, we are more expressively devoted to logos than ever, as we recognize branding messages and engage with brands more than ever. The competition is furious, and logo designers must generate logos cautiously and purposefully in order to greatly put forth their design and draw the target audience.

With the growth of digital technology comes the requirement to rethink logo designs and branding once again. A one-size-fits-all designed coin is just not an alternative for millennial life. Today, it’s more essential for logos to be scalable, thanks to the excess of displays we connect with on an everyday basis. This incorporates mobile devices, smart TVs and smart watches. Today, businesses are required to advertise their brand and engage with consumers via social media, mobile apps and websites.

Logo design agency BrandBerry Marcom believes that:

“When thinking about a business, we will frequently imagine their brand logo and a familiar design is what we as consumers will start to remember. Human beings, specially creative one’s are perceptible by nature, therefore logo design must target impulse to boost brand appearance.”

Logos in Advertising

A great logo design could be one of the most significant tool for a business. It works as the digital face of the business and connects the business’s values without the necessity to use words. Just like in the cave drawing days, we can recognize collection of information just by decrypting a visual portrayal. Today, the marketplace is flooded with tactical logo design so businesses should work smarter and harder than before to distinguish themselves from the swarm.


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