Things to Know Before Becoming a Chronic Blogger

The movie “Me Before You” advocates that to change opinions about chronic people, more chronic people have to share their experiences. In short: We require more chronic bloggers sharing their experiences online.

But it isn’t always that easy to just step outside and start sharing things about your experiences. It can be unpleasant to know that you’re uncovering these elements online to outsiders everywhere. And it also could be intimidating if you haven’t shared some experiences with friends and family. But if you know that blogging or content writing is something that you may find interesting, we hope this article gets you well.

The first thing you have to always keep in mind as you start your expedition as a blogger or a content writer, is that you have something special. Your experience and your life is compelling and worth living. Everyone has an exceptional style, be it the content itself or the content writing style, or both. Everyone has a distinctive viewpoint and thoughts about life based on his experiences. We all have personalized life hacks, tricks and tips to live our chronic lives.

All of it is precious, and somebody on the internet would respect it and respect you. They definitely would read your blog and you will assist them not to feellonely. You may never know the impact you have or the audience you will reach.

And, during the blogging, there will be times when it all feels worthless. That’s when you realize why you’re doing it: You must be blogging as much, if not more, for yourself, as you are for your audience.

Blogging Your Experience

You’ll have to choose your content. What kind of articles would you write? Would they be about lifestyle choices with an amusing twist? Would they be support pieces written to motivate and cheer others based on your own experiences? Would you spotlight others’ experiences as chronic persons and infrequently reveal your own?

The ultimate choice is yours, and you can be blogging a selection of content. But discovering your place and acknowledging “I am a chronic blogger and this is what I must focus on,” will assist you immensely in the long run. It will essentially help you keep focused, and to discover and create great content. It will also help you develop and extend your blog when you’re prepared.

An important element in becoming a chronic blogger is discovering your audience. This is where your blog subject comes in handy. Seeking your diagnosis, i.e., “(insert chronic illness here) stress support group,” on Facebook, for instance, will assist you in locating people who can become your friends and become interested in your work as a chronic blogger. You’re most likely to discover content writers in Delhi who are doing the same as you’re doing, or aspire to be doing, in these places. These are excellent resources.

Search the hash tags on social media such as Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter — #chroniclife or #chronicexperience #chronicblogs,#chronicposts #chronicillness, etc. — to engage with people. You can also share URL links on your blog using various hashtags. We suggest looking into the Chronic Blogging Network once you get started. Being a chronic blogger is an excellent way to develop, and make some money online.

The chances for chronic blogs are infinite. This is a rising community that requires you.

Good luck, and happy blogging!


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