What Happens When Bots Start Writing Code Instead of Humans?

“It might be a hundred years before an artificial machine beats humans at Go Board Game — maybe even more.”  – The Hindustan Times, 1997

“Master of Go Board Game Is whacked by Google Computer Program Alpha Go” – The Hindustan Times, 2016

Software development in India and around the world has moved through huge paradigm shifts over the last few decades. Once bounded to developers with years of learning or access to pricey servers, web development has now turns out to be a deal for bootcamps. And we are quickly approaching our upcoming paradigm shift, with A.I.-based code creation. When we achieve that modulation point, web development in India and around the world will have formally died, and the workforce is sadly unprepared for what’s coming.

Here are several paradigm shifts that have conveyed us to this point.

Shift 1- WordPress

Since the launch of WordPress on 27th May 2003, the platform has persisted to expand in fame through prosperous plug-ins and themes that let any non-technical business to develop their own website without have to write a single line of code. While the platform comprises some of its constraints, it is still sufficient for stumbling 26.5 % of the sum of the web. What about the other 74.5 %? Enter shift 2.

Shift 2- Open-Source Code and Node

Once broadly believed as a game language, Node has swiftly taken over the worldwide web and developed an phenomenal open-source network. For those who are new, Node is a technique for JavaScript to work on a server. What’s so unbelievable about Node is that the same web developers who were only writing front-end code (client-side web development) can now write back-end code without changing languages.

In addition, there is a wonderful community that gathering around and flourishes off of open-source involvements. The open-source packages and infrastructure are incredibly powerful, allowing web developers to not just resolve their own setbacks, but also to made in a way that resolves problems for the whole community. Developing a software application today with Node seems like playing with Lego cubes; you expend most of your time just linking them.

Shift 3- There’s An API for Everything

Have to include facial recognition to your new photography app? What if you want to understand the feelings of people in a picture? There is an API for this. Virtually whatever you can imagine now has an API.

What this really means is that any provided software can now be effortlessly developed using open-source tools or several software-specific APIs. If you told a web developer to duplicate any key consumer product in two weeks, they can develop a basic version with these tools.

Where are We Now?

Web developers are now being guided to do what will ultimately be computerized by powerful tooling and smart code generation.

Businesses are building on an incredible collection of robust development tools, open-source packages, and hybrid frameworks.

There are organizations offering services that let a non-developer to develop a custom web application without have to write a single line of code. Others are already utilizing machine learning to develop and design stuff for you. While there are still customization trades, eventually they will become insignificant, at best.

When It Looks Like Anyone Can Develop Anything

Clearly, this is no denying that anyone can develop anything. We need to push more web developers to improve their skill set and discover more about A.I.(Artificial Intelligence), A.R.(Augmented Reality), V.R.(Virtual Reality), Machine learning and Computer vision. These are the skills of wonderful future, and they’re here now.

We need to resolve complex problems, and that requires skills outside the box of modern web developers of India.

Where to Go from Here?

Learning is the only way possible, and traditional businesses are lagging significantly. Individuals have to take training into their own hands. If you’re a business in India, maybe it’s time to consider teaching your technical staff for the future or if you don’t have enough time to train your staff and then work your business, you can hire an expert web development agency in India with significant understanding of A.I., V.R. and Machine learning.

If you’re a web developer in India whose core proficiency is Ruby, JavaScript and PHP, you must begin retooling now. Whether it’s computer vision or machine learning, retooling today will provide you an edge to develop things that haven’t been developed yet, or at the very least, set your place for the future.


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