Making Radio Advertising a Useful entity- Doing it the Startup Way

Radio has always been a favorite mass media communication tool that has given listeners a personalized experience of interaction. This makes it a viable and one of the most sought after media for the advertisers to promote their brands and products. But what are the essentials to find success by advertising on radio? As a premium advertising media marketing agency in Delhi NCR, BrandBerry Marcom loves to give a helping hand with helpful tactics to their contemporaries about advertising and marketing on several media platforms. Let’s see how startups can and have benefitted from exploring this medium, financially and by promoting them as brands.

Target the target audience-

Clearly distinguishing on who all are listening to your ad and who all to you want to listen to your ad is the first step to gain eventual success in the game of advertising on radio. You need to have a section of listeners cut out on your advertising plan that is your targeted audience. While segmenting your audience keep in mind their basics, like age, economic background, gender, likes and dislikes. Ask yourself, why should they be interested to listen to your ad than skipping the channel and then find out radio station(s) fitting your criteria of listener base and an overall persona of the station. If the product is related to ladies that are primarily homemakers, go for a channel that represents the same demography. Like 92.7 Big FM and 98.3 Radio Mirchi.

Give  your introduction a strong start-

If you are haven’t glued your listeners to your ad, then half the  battle is done. In fact full battle is lost, as reviving an ad takes the same amount of efforts that had gone into making it the first time.  It is therefore, advised to give your ad a solid introduction to begin with and prevent the ad from losing its essence mid way. Create an interesting and creative ad to let your ad breathe for at least the first couple of times on air. Get straight to the point!

Be selective about voiceover-

Often companies and radio advertising agencies select voices with deep thought into how listeners will perceive it and will they like to hear that voice again or not. Giving deep thought to who should do your brand or product’s voice over is as important as giving your product an image. Pulse Polio ad had become a huge success on radio with Amitabh Bachchan giving his voice to the organization. Think twice before investing and hiring a voiceover artist on his quality of voice, modulation skills and if the person is well known for his voice or has a celebrity status attached to its credibility.

Do a run through of your ad on a sample of listeners-

Testing and trying your ad as a run through over a small number of radio listeners is always what companies and advertising agencies should do to rectify if and where your ad is going wrong.  This can be done amongst your friends, your employees, radio stations employees or random sampled listeners. If only it has to be listeners from outside, prefer people falling in your category of target audience to measure the effect better.

Give them a focused Call To Action (CTA)-

Once you are done with the main body in the ad, what do you want the listeners to do about it? You have to make them realize that they want your product or should know more about your brand. In order to give them an opportunity to associate with you, give them a strong Call-To-Action. A proposal like , to know the offer dial on…(your contact information),  or an SMS alert.

TIP- Do it the startup way-

Take for example how Patanjali and OLX have used these above tactics to celebrate themselves as a successful brand with radio advertising primarily. Not that the services they provide have any lesser role but yes, radio advertising also did the magic for them.



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