Figuring Out What Goes Into Making a Perfect Corporate Film Script

A video without a script is like a building without foundation. Corporate films are made with the intention to promote and advertise the company in focus as a successful brand.  People often believe that a corporate film is just an advertisement. To their surprise, it is not! There are professional writers out there who are hired to write scripts for corporate films. As a communications agency, we aimed at finding out what goes in to create a perfect corporate film script. Let’s see what we found out-

It’s important to have a video brief first

Yes, even before you start to script the idea for the video, having a video brief etched out is a great way to begin with. A video brief will help you set clear objectives, your target audience, your message among other things. — this is one of the first steps to pre production. It gives your script a solid ground and clarity. There are however, a lot of questions you should ask yourself while making the corporate film like why should you be making this video? What should it achieve? Who will you be speaking to? What should be the call to action to the viewers? And finally what message are you trying to convey?

Turn Your Message into a Story

Even if you write a corporate film script, it still needs information that is more like a story. It eventually gives another rendition to the entire feel of the film. There are several messages you convey wrapped up in clean and neat words of your script, if you have a brief written before hand, it will help you identify these messages. Everything you decide will have to be based on the objective your video needs, and what the audience finds engaging. Your ideas should resonate with their interests .

Story should be built on a smooth road

Your story and the script will not die out if it is not epic; but certainly will if it is complicated. There should be a logical progression while moving ahead from point to point. The script should basically start with what is the film about. What the represented brand do? How does it do that? And how has it been changing its customers’ life? Your Call-to-Action should be congruent to the desires and necessities of the audience. Having a connect with both these elements is as important and essential for the script, because hey, end goal matters!

Language should be judiciously chosen

Understanding the language that your audience understands is a boon because what you mean to convey should be well received by the viewers too. That’s the whole deal about. Talking to people in the language they comprehend well is the key to make a successful communication, even with visuals. Try to get to the heads of your audience and think the way they do and gauge their responses accordingly. You do not have to impress only your bosses but also and more importantly, their audiences, their customers. It is therefore, advised that you keep the tone simple, conversational and integrating. No matter what kind of audience setup you cater to, B2C or B2B, internal or external — your audience will always and only appreciate you speaking humanly, not highly technically. Your script should be representing your brand voice, but never surpassing your audience. Incorporating the words that your audience use will positively draw them towards your film. Ritobroto Mitra, a short films and corporate filmmaking veteran suggests that corporate filmmaking is no less than making a commercial film. They both need an good opening for a longer sustenance in the eyes of their audience to do well both commercially and ideologically.  There are several production houses in Delhi NCR that hire specialized and professional copywriters that are well versed with the above mentioned concepts of copywriting and corporate film scripting, and work in accordance with the needs of the script vis a vis the audience.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Remember, you are writing for a films script not a book on history. Keeping it short and sweet always work here. Keeping it short and succinct is possible and that is the way it should be. There is a reason why generally corporate videos are 2-3 minutes long, it’s the KISS logic. However, not all videos can be put too short. Some need more exposure in terms of content, identify the need and deliver accordingly.

Long lasting tip

Also keep it crisp, concise and precise.


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