Web Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017

For a dynamic industrial field like web development, keeping abreast of all the latest trends, current events and updates in the field is a lucrative way to jump up the business ladder. Working as a web developer in a company, freelancing or better still, managing your own website development company, require regular influx of information to stay upbeat and deliver the best in the given time. To help you get noticed in your field and keep busy learning new things, BrandBerry Marcom, brings to you some amazing trends to look out for website development in the year 2017. Let’s uncover-

PS – Not that these trends are absolutely new to the world, but have created some real buzz in the global circuit of web developers who have tested them during the last parts of 2016.

Thinking made easy with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-

Having an understanding of how AI works, how web companies use it to their benefit by molding digital algorithms, etc, seems like one of the most sought after ways to get noticed on the tech circuit. The idea behind AI is to provide information depending on the user demands by giving them more and better options by keep tweaking information in its database for better derivatives. It has gained such momentum in the last year, that Google has acquired 9 AI startups for widening their approach for result delivery within nano seconds of the question put across. Well that is Google for all of us. Fast and curious!

E-commerce websites going for Open Cart-

E-commerce has revolutionized shopping process. Adding items to our e-shopping ‘cart’ is an amazing option to shop till you drop. Open Cart will give its users an altogether different experience to shop online.  Web developers in India have also been warm about accepting the idea wholeheartedly. Open Cart is an astounding way for simplified  usage and stronger E-commerce functionality making it an affordable package for the developers and users alike. Open Cart is not only an easy setup but also easy use which is why it has become popular among the web developers. It is available for free downloads and is easily integrated with free upgrades and software support. Also it is easy download, easy hosting and does not even charge much space. Its tutorials are easily available making. Open Cart also provides larger options for payment gateways than a regular E-commerce website cart.

Open UI technology-

Web development has observed Open UI to be a hot property to vouch for during 2017. It is a technology running on Open Source JavaScript UI library maintained by SAP and is under Apache 2.0 license. Responsive web applications can be made easily with Open UI that can run on any device and on any browser. For the knowledge of web developers, it is based on JavaScript and uses JQuery as its base.

Use of Motion UIs, animations and videos are more suave than static images-

Animations, videos and GIFs have taken over the modern website crawling experience. Motion UI has become a magnetic element for website designing companies in India like other parts of the world.  Developers swear by it for creating transitions and animation. Motion UI allows the transitions on an application to be smoother with pre-defined motion. The latest version of the Motion UI is animation queuing system enabled, it also has flexible patterns of CSS that are workable with all kinds of JavaScript animation libraries. Developers are mostly using Motion UI as it allows prototypes of animated elements to be well integrated into web domain.

One page websites-

One page websites have become the most ‘it’ thing for internet users and modern web designing companies. They are aesthetically amazing an easy to on smartphones and other handheld devices. Scrolling through them is easier. Top web development companies are sing this concept for developing sites for single services. People are increasingly opting for them. However, a lot of developers believe that there is an SEO challenge for them, as they entail only one meta description and one title tag. However, that can be worked out with a fairly new concept that is bound to upgradation by tech frenzy people.


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