Basic Elements to Keep for creating an Engaging Newspaper Ad


Brands, however big or small, often hire advertising agencies to create newspaper ads with an aim to get an advertisement designed that can harvest more readers’ attention and eventual sales. Newspapers often run their in-house advertising services to publish company ads in their regular editions. However, it is the prerogative of the brand or the client to choose whose services to avail, the advertising agency or the newspaper in-house agency. In either case, there are several essential elements that the advertiser need to be sure of while creating an engaging advertisement for newspaper visibility. BrandBerry Marcom puts forth some of those essential elements for better newspaper ads for all the advertising agencies in Delhi-

Headline should turn the heads for a second look-

Newspapers are synonymous with headlines. They make a regular news a breaking news and give potential to a breaking news and make it worth reading. Readers should be able to find the gist of the entire write-up and advertisement in that one headline. Title head to your newspaper ad should be made so catchy and interesting that it gets the readers tempted to read the entire advertisement. For the same reasons it is said that newspaper ads should be kept short and simple while also avoiding controversial phrases.

Keep it short and not too lengthy-

The length of your ad copy should only be so long that it has all the required details and are said with conciseness but supporting your message. Long copies are  do not explain an ad positively, they only make it uninteresting for the reader. Not to mention, even boring! Surely, the brand wouldn’t want that.  Long copies re however, can be tactfully made for technical and B2B products. Graphics, in addition to the text is ideal for FMCG or services based products.

Involve yourself in the image selection process-

For the brands, it is important to know what is being typed and shown in the garb of your product ad, having your say in the text and image selection process is quite vital as they are paying for affirmative results and would not want their investment and image to deteriorate due to any negligence by the newspaper or the advertising agency.

Draw comparisons-

Quoting phrases like “we are the best”, “you tried them, now try our services”, etc is a way to draw comparisons between your product and the competitors product without even taking any specific name in the forefront. Try this and your are sure to get more eyes that usual ads can get you.

Mark the benefits clearly-

In corollary to the comparisons made, also include the USP or the benefits of your product or services. Make them set apart from the league of other providers of the same or similar entities. The ad copy must have at least a phrase dedicated to the benefits and must also focus on the words like “you” than “we”, only to refer to the exclusivity of each reader who could be the potential customer.

Conclude with contact information-

While closing the ad copy, advertising agencies are prescribed to mention contact information like a phone number, an e-mail address or a SMS option, whatever is more suitable or is provided by the client. In cases where the product is being launched and needs series based introduction like a new car launch or an electronic gadget like the latest iPhone 7, companies often come out with newspaper series of launching or re-launching techniques. Make sure the last few ads of the series contain all the required and user relevant contact information. You make that as the first link to sales.

Try these basic elements as techniques for generating greater business opportunities in one go and see the difference.


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