The Essence of Creativity in Advertising

  1. What is creativity?
  1. Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

~Bill Moyers

Advertising is one field where creativity never goes out of vogue. It’s the very foundation of the marketability of the product advertised. Newbies in advertising often face the challenge of advertising infused with creativity. Clients always want creativity. The boss also wants creativity. When an element is so much in demand, why not make it the theme of the day and discuss the very essence and relevance of creativity in advertising? BrandBerry Marcom discusses below creativity’s relevance, importance in advertisement and explains how to make ads more creative as a tip for fellow advertising agencies in Delhi.

Incorporate things from outside the box for what is available inside it-

While advertising, the creator of the ad needs to keep in mind that advertising comes from the collaboration of a wholesome team of creative thinkers. One may think of an amazing idea and the other may develop over it. This multi-layering of ideas bring out one creative conglomeration of odd concepts that are collectively mind blowing as a single presentation called an ad, presented on any communicative platform. For a simple product or service by a brand to be effective in communicating the essence of the same, collective thinking over a focal point but with varying ideas is what is initially required.

Initial ad concept copy should work as the Bible-

Advertising agencies are expected to create an initial ad concept copy that consists of creative concepts for the ad, the brand advertising strategy. This has to be a collective effort of the team. The strategies included inside work as the theme of a campaign you intent to carry out and will serve to be the foundation of the message you want to put across.

Creativity is using a tagline and running along with it-

High end advertising agencies in India have attained the understanding of how to use the USP of a brand for marketing purposes. For instance, Kohler has been using the tagline “the bold look of Kohler” for some time and very creatively turned a not so sophisticated product into a product of utility with grace by focusing on its structure dynamics thereby, the looks of a washroom upholstery were talked about openly and were linked with style than its mere purpose. Twisting the tale is how it’s done!

Remember these most accepted aspects-

Three creative aspects are accepted universally in advertising. They are-

  • Creative Process- It is receiving most of the attention by focusing on mechanism &

Various phases involved during the creative process one involves into.

  • Creative person- It is about the personality traits of creative people who are

responsible and essential to this process.

  • Creative situation- It is about the criteria and characteristics of the dynamic structure that is considered to for a workable and practical aspects of the events in discussion.
  • Rules of Creativity- creativity is only reasonable if some essentials are not taken for granted. Like, making the product relevant to the customer, the product and its story should sound promising to the customer, should sound as if the brand is making a promise to the customer in need, the product needs to be supported by a relative element to look bolder than the subsidiary elements on a plain background and must always be put in the centre of the commercial. Meaning, the product should be the hero of the ad and not the cast, the music or any other element. They should be supportive, but not the main leads.

Basic Elements to Keep for creating an Engaging Newspaper Ad


Brands, however big or small, often hire advertising agencies to create newspaper ads with an aim to get an advertisement designed that can harvest more readers’ attention and eventual sales. Newspapers often run their in-house advertising services to publish company ads in their regular editions. However, it is the prerogative of the brand or the client to choose whose services to avail, the advertising agency or the newspaper in-house agency. In either case, there are several essential elements that the advertiser need to be sure of while creating an engaging advertisement for newspaper visibility. BrandBerry Marcom puts forth some of those essential elements for better newspaper ads for all the advertising agencies in Delhi-

Headline should turn the heads for a second look-

Newspapers are synonymous with headlines. They make a regular news a breaking news and give potential to a breaking news and make it worth reading. Readers should be able to find the gist of the entire write-up and advertisement in that one headline. Title head to your newspaper ad should be made so catchy and interesting that it gets the readers tempted to read the entire advertisement. For the same reasons it is said that newspaper ads should be kept short and simple while also avoiding controversial phrases.

Keep it short and not too lengthy-

The length of your ad copy should only be so long that it has all the required details and are said with conciseness but supporting your message. Long copies are  do not explain an ad positively, they only make it uninteresting for the reader. Not to mention, even boring! Surely, the brand wouldn’t want that.  Long copies re however, can be tactfully made for technical and B2B products. Graphics, in addition to the text is ideal for FMCG or services based products.

Involve yourself in the image selection process-

For the brands, it is important to know what is being typed and shown in the garb of your product ad, having your say in the text and image selection process is quite vital as they are paying for affirmative results and would not want their investment and image to deteriorate due to any negligence by the newspaper or the advertising agency.

Draw comparisons-

Quoting phrases like “we are the best”, “you tried them, now try our services”, etc is a way to draw comparisons between your product and the competitors product without even taking any specific name in the forefront. Try this and your are sure to get more eyes that usual ads can get you.

Mark the benefits clearly-

In corollary to the comparisons made, also include the USP or the benefits of your product or services. Make them set apart from the league of other providers of the same or similar entities. The ad copy must have at least a phrase dedicated to the benefits and must also focus on the words like “you” than “we”, only to refer to the exclusivity of each reader who could be the potential customer.

Conclude with contact information-

While closing the ad copy, advertising agencies are prescribed to mention contact information like a phone number, an e-mail address or a SMS option, whatever is more suitable or is provided by the client. In cases where the product is being launched and needs series based introduction like a new car launch or an electronic gadget like the latest iPhone 7, companies often come out with newspaper series of launching or re-launching techniques. Make sure the last few ads of the series contain all the required and user relevant contact information. You make that as the first link to sales.

Try these basic elements as techniques for generating greater business opportunities in one go and see the difference.

Advanced Tactics of Professional Content Writers for Better Marketing

Writing prolific content is considered a suave way to express yourself for both entertainment and commercial purposes today. Internet is flooded with the all types of content, both visual and textual. But not all writers can create a niche for themselves in the market. Being a versatile marketing and communications agency itself, BrandBerry Marcom brings you the insiders’ tips and tactics to create more professional content  for better marketing.

Keep the researcher alive in you-

A content writer should always be in demand for the kind of work he does. But that work should be backed by appropriate research behind it. While writing on a particular topic, you need to know beyond the basics. Do a little more research depending upon the kind of piece you intend to write. A well researched article or blog post always speaks volumes in the form of the content available inside it. As a copywriter, you should be aware of the latest updates and news about the topic and should also try to incorporate that information in your content pieces.

Jot down all new ideas, information and references available-

For future purposes, having a document that is a coalition of all your latest ideas, the latest information about a new topic and various other useful references is a smart option to rise above from the underdog to niche writer level. These units come handy when you get stuck in the middle of a write-up and struggle to find new ideas or fit in appropriate information.

Look out for stories that you can incorporate later-

Naivety won’t work in content and copy writing at professional level. Apart from better and original content loaded with information, you should also be able to add more essence in your writing by supplementing it with stories that are related to the topic, preferably more directly related.

Give your write-up your own voice-

The written content, unless written as a ghost writer, should not only speak about the information and its other modalities but also should have a heavy opinion about what you want to convey and how you feel about the subject. Your unique and individual style should come across strikingly in the way to compile your thoughts. Your articles should speak in your voice and about your thoughts.

Do not miss the opening line followed by a tempting lead-

Having the article stuffed with keywords is not the way to progress in professional writing. You need to have a solid foundation in terms of the topic you choose, followed by a superb opening line where you tangle the readers with the rest of the write-up and gather their attention, finally mesmerize them with a lead to hook them with the rest of the article.

Do not forget the conclusion-

Every element in place but a berserk or a messy conclusion will never give your write-up a finished look, a closure. The readers will only keep looking for a better closure and might only search for a finishing and neatness. The lack of which only leads to disappointment and unprofessionalism.

Incessant editing is not bad-

Making drafts till you get the perfect one is not a bad practice unless, it is a high priority deliverable. A written piece should ideally be rough drafted and edited as many times before sending a satisfactory final draft. Making this a habit will only improve your thought process and would improve your editing skills.

Simple writing is the best writing-

Writing complex sentences and using unnecessary jargons are not required all the time. Simple sentences and clear thoughts behind a write-up are always appreciated and has potential to be shared the most.

Writing with professional skills is no rocket science but all that it requires is an organized approach to deliver a niche product that has capacity to do rounds in the professional circle.

Some Essentials to Keep in Mind While Designing an Ideal Home Page

Web developers are always coding or decoding their way to that perfectly running website. It’s a job that most people find incomprehensible. Every website is at first judged by its home page by the visitor, the reader or simply put, the audience. Having it judged by the visitor, it is important to have the homepage look spot on. The best of ideas get ignored if the look and user-friendly appeal is not found on the very first page of the website. As a full service website development and designing agency, BrandBerry Marcom lays out some spot on ways in which you can design your homepage and generate better traffic, all driven by the looks-

Understand the meaning of crafting your homepage –

Creating a homepage for a website is far more than applying stock images and themes and textual content, precisely about making it connectable for the visitors. It does not however, mean that you can afford to lose out on the aesthetic finish. For inviting visitors to your page, you should also think in terms of why should one come to you in the first place? Seek answers to why they come to your website and why should they keep coming back and what information they are looking for? These factors will help you as a web designer, to create personas for the users, creating visitors paths, and making impressive call to actions for website visitors convert into leads, sales, and generate revenue.

Make first impression with design and definition –

Generally, a website homepage consists of colors and fonts, built-in page builders, short codes, various different sliders, mega menus, portfolios, shopping carts, forums, landing pages, pop up boxes, etc. but it may not be all that your visitor may find attractive. Defining while designing a home page is the most essential thing you do in web development. Your homepage is a critical point from where on a visitor wants to delve into other gateways of our webpage. Making the homepage is therefore, most critical to sustain the visitor’s journey on your website. Give them hooks and sought after information than just colorful exhibition. You can’t eliminate negative first impressions.

Make goals and design themes accordingly –

First ensure what are the needs of your website, its goals and targets and then chose judiciously a theme that fits all the bills. Is it giving proper brand exposure, offering subscriptions, giving leads, showcasing warm prospects, and is offering actual sales? You also need to know who exactly your target market is.  Are you giving them solutions to their problems or not? Depending upon the brand you represent and products you offer, making the website user friendly with an effective UI sans complexities is what you should aim for.

Making navigation a sail-able territory –

Any visitor of your website, post finding your front page attractive would like to take the next step, it would be to visit other pages. One pager websites are too in trend, but multi pagers are too in existence. The visitors would like find easy way out reach the next page. Give them that ease in roaming and finding information on your website.

Do not forget to introduce yourselves on the front page –

It is not a novel, it is your website and its homepage should also contain your “who we are” section. The information you give should be brief and succinct while de-cluttering the page.

Have a simple wireframe-

It means to have a simple structure prepared for your design. Have it firstly draw on paper and then idealize it to revive it online. It helps you stay rooted to the needs of the visitors than finding yourself lost in the glitz of designing a modern architecture for a webpage. It is about finding a theme that is relatable to your visitors.

Matching your theme with a simple wireframe and a populated content is all that you will be left with while creating a rock solid home page that is not just pretty but also sufficing the purpose a visitor is looking for.

Web Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017

For a dynamic industrial field like web development, keeping abreast of all the latest trends, current events and updates in the field is a lucrative way to jump up the business ladder. Working as a web developer in a company, freelancing or better still, managing your own website development company, require regular influx of information to stay upbeat and deliver the best in the given time. To help you get noticed in your field and keep busy learning new things, BrandBerry Marcom, brings to you some amazing trends to look out for website development in the year 2017. Let’s uncover-

PS – Not that these trends are absolutely new to the world, but have created some real buzz in the global circuit of web developers who have tested them during the last parts of 2016.

Thinking made easy with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-

Having an understanding of how AI works, how web companies use it to their benefit by molding digital algorithms, etc, seems like one of the most sought after ways to get noticed on the tech circuit. The idea behind AI is to provide information depending on the user demands by giving them more and better options by keep tweaking information in its database for better derivatives. It has gained such momentum in the last year, that Google has acquired 9 AI startups for widening their approach for result delivery within nano seconds of the question put across. Well that is Google for all of us. Fast and curious!

E-commerce websites going for Open Cart-

E-commerce has revolutionized shopping process. Adding items to our e-shopping ‘cart’ is an amazing option to shop till you drop. Open Cart will give its users an altogether different experience to shop online.  Web developers in India have also been warm about accepting the idea wholeheartedly. Open Cart is an astounding way for simplified  usage and stronger E-commerce functionality making it an affordable package for the developers and users alike. Open Cart is not only an easy setup but also easy use which is why it has become popular among the web developers. It is available for free downloads and is easily integrated with free upgrades and software support. Also it is easy download, easy hosting and does not even charge much space. Its tutorials are easily available making. Open Cart also provides larger options for payment gateways than a regular E-commerce website cart.

Open UI technology-

Web development has observed Open UI to be a hot property to vouch for during 2017. It is a technology running on Open Source JavaScript UI library maintained by SAP and is under Apache 2.0 license. Responsive web applications can be made easily with Open UI that can run on any device and on any browser. For the knowledge of web developers, it is based on JavaScript and uses JQuery as its base.

Use of Motion UIs, animations and videos are more suave than static images-

Animations, videos and GIFs have taken over the modern website crawling experience. Motion UI has become a magnetic element for website designing companies in India like other parts of the world.  Developers swear by it for creating transitions and animation. Motion UI allows the transitions on an application to be smoother with pre-defined motion. The latest version of the Motion UI is animation queuing system enabled, it also has flexible patterns of CSS that are workable with all kinds of JavaScript animation libraries. Developers are mostly using Motion UI as it allows prototypes of animated elements to be well integrated into web domain.

One page websites-

One page websites have become the most ‘it’ thing for internet users and modern web designing companies. They are aesthetically amazing an easy to on smartphones and other handheld devices. Scrolling through them is easier. Top web development companies are sing this concept for developing sites for single services. People are increasingly opting for them. However, a lot of developers believe that there is an SEO challenge for them, as they entail only one meta description and one title tag. However, that can be worked out with a fairly new concept that is bound to upgradation by tech frenzy people.

Figuring Out What Goes Into Making a Perfect Corporate Film Script

A video without a script is like a building without foundation. Corporate films are made with the intention to promote and advertise the company in focus as a successful brand.  People often believe that a corporate film is just an advertisement. To their surprise, it is not! There are professional writers out there who are hired to write scripts for corporate films. As a communications agency, we aimed at finding out what goes in to create a perfect corporate film script. Let’s see what we found out-

It’s important to have a video brief first

Yes, even before you start to script the idea for the video, having a video brief etched out is a great way to begin with. A video brief will help you set clear objectives, your target audience, your message among other things. — this is one of the first steps to pre production. It gives your script a solid ground and clarity. There are however, a lot of questions you should ask yourself while making the corporate film like why should you be making this video? What should it achieve? Who will you be speaking to? What should be the call to action to the viewers? And finally what message are you trying to convey?

Turn Your Message into a Story

Even if you write a corporate film script, it still needs information that is more like a story. It eventually gives another rendition to the entire feel of the film. There are several messages you convey wrapped up in clean and neat words of your script, if you have a brief written before hand, it will help you identify these messages. Everything you decide will have to be based on the objective your video needs, and what the audience finds engaging. Your ideas should resonate with their interests .

Story should be built on a smooth road

Your story and the script will not die out if it is not epic; but certainly will if it is complicated. There should be a logical progression while moving ahead from point to point. The script should basically start with what is the film about. What the represented brand do? How does it do that? And how has it been changing its customers’ life? Your Call-to-Action should be congruent to the desires and necessities of the audience. Having a connect with both these elements is as important and essential for the script, because hey, end goal matters!

Language should be judiciously chosen

Understanding the language that your audience understands is a boon because what you mean to convey should be well received by the viewers too. That’s the whole deal about. Talking to people in the language they comprehend well is the key to make a successful communication, even with visuals. Try to get to the heads of your audience and think the way they do and gauge their responses accordingly. You do not have to impress only your bosses but also and more importantly, their audiences, their customers. It is therefore, advised that you keep the tone simple, conversational and integrating. No matter what kind of audience setup you cater to, B2C or B2B, internal or external — your audience will always and only appreciate you speaking humanly, not highly technically. Your script should be representing your brand voice, but never surpassing your audience. Incorporating the words that your audience use will positively draw them towards your film. Ritobroto Mitra, a short films and corporate filmmaking veteran suggests that corporate filmmaking is no less than making a commercial film. They both need an good opening for a longer sustenance in the eyes of their audience to do well both commercially and ideologically.  There are several production houses in Delhi NCR that hire specialized and professional copywriters that are well versed with the above mentioned concepts of copywriting and corporate film scripting, and work in accordance with the needs of the script vis a vis the audience.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Remember, you are writing for a films script not a book on history. Keeping it short and sweet always work here. Keeping it short and succinct is possible and that is the way it should be. There is a reason why generally corporate videos are 2-3 minutes long, it’s the KISS logic. However, not all videos can be put too short. Some need more exposure in terms of content, identify the need and deliver accordingly.

Long lasting tip

Also keep it crisp, concise and precise.

Making Radio Advertising a Useful entity- Doing it the Startup Way

Radio has always been a favorite mass media communication tool that has given listeners a personalized experience of interaction. This makes it a viable and one of the most sought after media for the advertisers to promote their brands and products. But what are the essentials to find success by advertising on radio? As a premium advertising media marketing agency in Delhi NCR, BrandBerry Marcom loves to give a helping hand with helpful tactics to their contemporaries about advertising and marketing on several media platforms. Let’s see how startups can and have benefitted from exploring this medium, financially and by promoting them as brands.

Target the target audience-

Clearly distinguishing on who all are listening to your ad and who all to you want to listen to your ad is the first step to gain eventual success in the game of advertising on radio. You need to have a section of listeners cut out on your advertising plan that is your targeted audience. While segmenting your audience keep in mind their basics, like age, economic background, gender, likes and dislikes. Ask yourself, why should they be interested to listen to your ad than skipping the channel and then find out radio station(s) fitting your criteria of listener base and an overall persona of the station. If the product is related to ladies that are primarily homemakers, go for a channel that represents the same demography. Like 92.7 Big FM and 98.3 Radio Mirchi.

Give  your introduction a strong start-

If you are haven’t glued your listeners to your ad, then half the  battle is done. In fact full battle is lost, as reviving an ad takes the same amount of efforts that had gone into making it the first time.  It is therefore, advised to give your ad a solid introduction to begin with and prevent the ad from losing its essence mid way. Create an interesting and creative ad to let your ad breathe for at least the first couple of times on air. Get straight to the point!

Be selective about voiceover-

Often companies and radio advertising agencies select voices with deep thought into how listeners will perceive it and will they like to hear that voice again or not. Giving deep thought to who should do your brand or product’s voice over is as important as giving your product an image. Pulse Polio ad had become a huge success on radio with Amitabh Bachchan giving his voice to the organization. Think twice before investing and hiring a voiceover artist on his quality of voice, modulation skills and if the person is well known for his voice or has a celebrity status attached to its credibility.

Do a run through of your ad on a sample of listeners-

Testing and trying your ad as a run through over a small number of radio listeners is always what companies and advertising agencies should do to rectify if and where your ad is going wrong.  This can be done amongst your friends, your employees, radio stations employees or random sampled listeners. If only it has to be listeners from outside, prefer people falling in your category of target audience to measure the effect better.

Give them a focused Call To Action (CTA)-

Once you are done with the main body in the ad, what do you want the listeners to do about it? You have to make them realize that they want your product or should know more about your brand. In order to give them an opportunity to associate with you, give them a strong Call-To-Action. A proposal like , to know the offer dial on…(your contact information),  or an SMS alert.

TIP- Do it the startup way-

Take for example how Patanjali and OLX have used these above tactics to celebrate themselves as a successful brand with radio advertising primarily. Not that the services they provide have any lesser role but yes, radio advertising also did the magic for them.


How to Avoid Biggest Blunders during Post-Production?

Production houses run most of their business on the wheels of post production and losing out on any detail while editing or engaging in other post-production activities can be a real thumbs down for a client and the viewer at large. Production companies thriving on post production should therefore take to the following tips. As BrandBerry Marcom, touted as one of the best production houses in Delhi, we recommend:

Figure out what all the final product needs apart from visuals

Any production house making videos, audios or production of any other format must be aware of what all the final product will need, right at the start. You may realize subsidiary essentials at later stages of production and as the production progresses. However, there are a lot of issues that need sorting before hand and can be visualized by the production team while the plan gets onboard. Important elements of offline editing need special attention during post-production. Along with that runs an array of post production techniques like color correction, sound effects, animation, VFX, titling and other such things that the story demands. Having full knowledge of these processes and not missing out on any of them is a major task for a producer when at work.

Carefully choose your producer in line

A producer and an array of assistant producers are at work while creating media content and are responsible for very important job works. All of them have different specialties – one mistake from their end will cost heavily on you, both financially and physically to the product in production.

Keep recommendations at the job only when tested or are trusted

When it comes to film production, a lot of professional and non-industry people are hired. Make sure that the people you have hired for the most basic to most critical tasks are the people who are trusted in the industry for their work and field of expertise. Try and test before appointing. It could be the editor, the sound designer, VFX specialist, the film distributor, publicists, media planners, or anyone involved in the pre or post-production.

Don’t go too much off budget-

Not adhering to the budgetary limitations or crossing them way too off border will only cost your production team a major setback while calculating the remunerations and productions costs re-imbursements. Producers or the clients of the project under way; always keep an eye on the money spent on particular element of the production or the entire production as such. Most production houses go beyond the budget when it comes to putting extra editorial team members at work or hiring professionals for publicity or other promotional events. Every little detail is taken into account at the end of the production. Faltering at any of the stages of money matters will only cost your troubles along with the tension in the professional sphere.

Do not work for way too less budget either-

The financers or the clients who approach for their visual or audio products often come with a miser budget at hand. You need to first discuss the entire budget with the client first in order to begin with a smooth ride in production and especially post production. Having paid the editors less is not going to make the final product satisfactory anyway. Editors give final and most organized treatment to the audio/visual productions and keeping them under fed or under any pressure does not solve the problem.

Manage the rift between some more time and too much time

Creativity is core to post production and may seek time; clients may not understand that all the time. It is the responsibility of the production house to make quotations with buffer in mind, right at the start. At the same time, make sure that time is not ridiculously consumed too.


Website Development, a Virtual Reality- Tips and Tricks

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

Websites also run on similar premise, where designing and development of a website interface is the most important thing for any business – it’s like a window to any passerby in a house full of furniture. Website development is considerable artwork, in fact, now has become a major force to reckon with in the web industry. Website development in Delhi has become a significant choice for the millennials and is seen as a lucrative option for career choice. Like all other engineers, a visual diaphragm is illustrated and managed on regular basis for the virtual space by a web developer. This is how we understand website development. Continue reading

Traditional Advertising Agencies are Now Tweaking Themselves Sell Start-Ups

2016 has been a harsh year for start-ups as evaluations are getting lower and sponsors are demanding greater revenues.

In this situation where advertising is being lead by e-commerce businesses or start-ups, traditional advertising agencies are changing their business models to adapt the new market.

Global advertising agency Public is Group lately commenced the Drugstore India, an innovative facility that cultivates relationships between big organizations and startups for shared profit. The agency operates as a third party and brings together big corporate and start-ups.

Anil K Nair, MD& CEO, Digital L&K Saatchi & Saatchi and Drug store says, “We think that big companies and start-ups can get profit from each other. We at Public is are attempting to construct a connection between these two systems. Nobody is viewing this because the new start-ups believe that big companies have not much to propose as they are stiff, IP driven, process intensified etc., whereas these guys are into sharing, collaborative and swift in execution.”


He added, “Having said that big organizations are sitting on huge consumer data and vast resources, while start-ups are sitting on qualities like rapidity or QRT (quick reaction time). And in today’s world, I can’t perceive why these two shouldn’t be talking to each other.”
Drug store uses the experience and expertise of the all the advertising agencies under the Public is Group companies. The company has numerous huge multinationals which it uses for media solutions and is now seeking to provide that additional push to clients to keep swiftness with the rapidly growing world.
An advertising agency in India, which is introducing a more concerned approach in supporting start-ups is Seagull (a pune based advertising agency) who has commenced the Brand Launch Centre (BLC), a start-up optimizer. It is entirely focused on commencing new brands from their early stages of set-up to mapping their track, building their brand character and lastly commencing the ad campaign.


It even has developed a BLC centre in Pune from where the new start-ups can do their work and the BLC offers them with help in the form of financial and legal planning, HR planning, media planning, advertising, market research and additional services.

It has already assisted in the commence of over 14 products which involve start-ups such as Green Salute (water less car-wash product maker), Tork (electric bike maker), Flavors of My City (sweets delivery service), Aapla Ghar (real estate start-up) and much more.

Chief Strategy Officer of BLC Sameer Desai says,”Most start-ups take a chance in the businesses for their help, whereas the BLC is a unique service that is proposed to them at a cost that depends upon the services they want.” He says,”As they are also bonded with sponsors they could also assist them gain the investment they required to take their business enterprise ahead.”

“They have three phases for start-ups, i.e. the benefit product launch phase, launch setup phase and launch roll out phase. The service recommended to start-ups are over six months and might be less depending upon the phase they are in. The fees too depend upon what kind of services they are seeking and the specific phase they are presently at”, says Desai.

Another advertising agency in India, which is also introducing a familiar approach in supporting start-ups is BrandBerry Marcom (an advertising agency in noida). BrandBerry has also started it’s venture as a start-up a few years ago, and now it’s one of the best advertising agency in Delhi NCR.

BrandBerry Marcom Director Aayushi Jain says, “We’re assisting start-ups because we deeply understand them and wealso want them to have the positive exposure like we have.”

So what do advertising agencies have to profit other than the costs for their services? The profit would be outstanding as they could profit enormously if these start-ups turn out to be the next Google’s or Facebook’s of the world.