The Essence of Creativity in Advertising

  1. What is creativity?
  1. Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

~Bill Moyers

Advertising is one field where creativity never goes out of vogue. It’s the very foundation of the marketability of the product advertised. Newbies in advertising often face the challenge of advertising infused with creativity. Clients always want creativity. The boss also wants creativity. When an element is so much in demand, why not make it the theme of the day and discuss the very essence and relevance of creativity in advertising? BrandBerry Marcom discusses below creativity’s relevance, importance in advertisement and explains how to make ads more creative as a tip for fellow advertising agencies in Delhi.

Incorporate things from outside the box for what is available inside it-

While advertising, the creator of the ad needs to keep in mind that advertising comes from the collaboration of a wholesome team of creative thinkers. One may think of an amazing idea and the other may develop over it. This multi-layering of ideas bring out one creative conglomeration of odd concepts that are collectively mind blowing as a single presentation called an ad, presented on any communicative platform. For a simple product or service by a brand to be effective in communicating the essence of the same, collective thinking over a focal point but with varying ideas is what is initially required.

Initial ad concept copy should work as the Bible-

Advertising agencies are expected to create an initial ad concept copy that consists of creative concepts for the ad, the brand advertising strategy. This has to be a collective effort of the team. The strategies included inside work as the theme of a campaign you intent to carry out and will serve to be the foundation of the message you want to put across.

Creativity is using a tagline and running along with it-

High end advertising agencies in India have attained the understanding of how to use the USP of a brand for marketing purposes. For instance, Kohler has been using the tagline “the bold look of Kohler” for some time and very creatively turned a not so sophisticated product into a product of utility with grace by focusing on its structure dynamics thereby, the looks of a washroom upholstery were talked about openly and were linked with style than its mere purpose. Twisting the tale is how it’s done!

Remember these most accepted aspects-

Three creative aspects are accepted universally in advertising. They are-

  • Creative Process- It is receiving most of the attention by focusing on mechanism &

Various phases involved during the creative process one involves into.

  • Creative person- It is about the personality traits of creative people who are

responsible and essential to this process.

  • Creative situation- It is about the criteria and characteristics of the dynamic structure that is considered to for a workable and practical aspects of the events in discussion.
  • Rules of Creativity- creativity is only reasonable if some essentials are not taken for granted. Like, making the product relevant to the customer, the product and its story should sound promising to the customer, should sound as if the brand is making a promise to the customer in need, the product needs to be supported by a relative element to look bolder than the subsidiary elements on a plain background and must always be put in the centre of the commercial. Meaning, the product should be the hero of the ad and not the cast, the music or any other element. They should be supportive, but not the main leads.

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